Sabtu, 04 September 2010

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Hello mates,we bring u gut news according to our store.

Welcoming Lebaran, WM Store is running LEBARAN ON SALE, where u can get discounted items for our branded products. It held until September 10, 2010.


Check the brands:

*LEMON LIME (2nd line from Tya et Tiara. Targeting youngster,the dresses are covered by bright&colourfull design).
DISCOUNT 20%-30%

*PEEPO IDEALUMINOSA t-shirt (art clothing line from Bandung)
DISCOUNT 30% for certain designs

*NIMBUS (Local brand from YK, consist of skirt,bag,etc)

*MOOF artist series (made from the hand of local artists from YK)

*MONSTORE tees (art clothing line)
Special offering 100.000

*RUBBER tees (lifestyle brand that combines art and fashion into good quality clothing. Founded in Jogjakarta)

See u all at WM Store, 2nd floor Galeria Mall, YK
*And dont forget, along this time, u can also visit AFFAIRS temporary store at our place *

Big thanks to our customers,relations&vendors!

Kamis, 02 September 2010

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Dian Wahyuningrum or known as Dee graduated from High school in 2004. She moved to Bandung for College. she took Product Design as her choice in one of fine Institute there. but then in 2006, she moved to Jakarta. Trying to find another college, she landed at ESMOD Jakarta. 3 years strugglde and in the 3rd year she took Menswear Specialization. she finally had her Diploma in Fashion, July 2009.

She began to create a label called GREYPLAY, basically GREYPLAY launched first mini-collection called “Dressed In Monotonous” in Nov 2009, a project for Brightspot Market – Christmas Edition 2009. She joined Katallog Booth and the mini-collection all sold out. Started from there she began optimist with what her did -until now, to create a fine fashion label. GREYPLAY itself inspired from her thoughts and perspectives in life. Mostly in a different ways.

Dressed need to be comfortable and give a relax sensations. So she decided to create a loose and multifuction clothes. Not following any season and style, she create a ‘Forever Young’ designs with her own idealism. Simple, Layered, Unfinished, Complex and Affordable is GREYPLAY signature. And as an Indonesian young creative, she add a famous traditional fabric from Indonesia, Batik as application or details in some of her designs. she wants everyone knows that GREYPLAY originality from Indonesia.

For now, GREYPLAY already launched 2 lines, GREYPLAY : a middle line, and affordable for everyone. Dedicates to young person who loves to ‘play’ with their looks and open-minded with any kind of styles. PLAY:BASIC by GREYPLAY : a basic line, with a simple cuttings and details, mostly colorful & cheerful for who wants to feel younger!

will launched soon, BLACK by GREYPLAY : is a middle-up line to fulfill your pleasure of a personal, clean, layered, complex and limited designs. She hopes that she could give you all the best and keep creating something different for you to wear.

Check this detail here